LinkedIn Gyan

You have heard LinkedIn is important but is it actually? And if so, why?

LinkedIn can be a valuable professional online networking tool that has many uses including finding jobs, finding opportunities to advance in one’s career, hiring employees, locating leads and business partners, and meeting and discussing professional topics with other professionals to build online relationships and get your name and brand out there

Digital Marketing Gyan

If you are a student or a working professional or a business wanting an edge in the competitive landscape or you have a team to whom you want to give digital marketing training; I would be happy to help!

Google Analytics Gyan

Learn and practice actionable analyses to track business performance and identify areas for business improvement

Google Analytics is the number one analytics tool that the top marketers use to get all their insights. It’s what helps them to make proper, data-driven decisions when they’re creating their sales funnels and campaigns, and ultimately, what guides them into generating revenue and profit from replicable systems

Data Visualization Gyan
Product Management Gyan

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